It takes many hands and many hearts to keep St. Francis Shelter going. We’d like to extend our thanks to all of you who have stood with us in solidarity with the families we serve. Bless you!

Teresa Aki
Jasmine Barella
Tillie Barella
Blanchet High School Students
William Barnes Photography
Don and Marilyn Boman
Eric and Kim Boman, Grapes and Barley
Debbie Boss
Bob Buckley
Kathleen and Peter Callero
Kevin Canty-Jones
Cathy Caruso
Dorothy Caruso
Kristin Caruso
Judy Caruso

Stephen and Marcia Chapter
Delinda Coburn
Larry Davis
Jamie Diehl
Ron and Diane Donaca
Jayne Downing
Dee Emmerson
Nan and Steve Forster
Janet Graham
Sheila Harrison
Jack Helterline
Spencer Helterline
Kelly Herb
Marcia Hutchins
Ron and Lucinda Jackson

Brenda James
Br. Richard LeFure
Phil Lemman
Martin Lopez
Oscar Lopez
Regina Meuller
Lesa Milldrum
Nestor Pavon
Norm and Karen Roberge
Genny Rogerson
Jeanneil Rogerson
Melodie Roth
Jenny Sizzler Band
Paula and Dr. Jim Stageman
Cary Valencia
Eric Wellard

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