Individual Donors

It takes many hands and many hearts to keep St. Francis Shelter going. We’d like to extend our thanks to all of you who have stood with us in solidarity with the families we serve. Bless you!

Gary and Carolyn Anderson
Martha and Neil Anderson
Hugh and Patricia Baskin
Delana and Russ Beaton
Neil D Beutler and Katherine J Allen-Beutler
Gail and William Bonniksen
Matt and Wendy Boring, in honor of the office staff at Corvallis High School
Arma Brown-Skirvin
Audrey Broyles and Ed Thompson
Patrick and Jenny Callero
Chris and Sheila Canty
Jacqueline C Carey
Margaret Carey
Robert L and Patricia G Carlton
Joe Caruso
Sam and Chrissy Caruso
Marcia and Steven Chapter
Ardis Christensen
Dianne Collette
Karen E Crooch
Scott and Margaret Daniels
Michael DeFuria, in honor of Kathleen DeFuria
Ed and Jamie Diehl
Brian and Sara Diffenderfer
Don Diffenderfer
Leslie and Peter Dinsdale
Mary and David Edmonds
Myron and Virginia L Enfield
Pauline and Robert Fielder
Susan M Foster
Roberto Franco and Tamara Smith
Nadine and Donald Gaiser
Denise Galey-Oldham and Greg Oldham
William and Patricia Galligan
John and Dolores Gander
Phyllis Gillis
Julienne Gogol
Gerald L and Sharon M Gooley
Gregory Goracke
Lester Green
Kay Hamill, in memory of Robert E. Hamill
Joi and Richard Hayden
Daniel Hayes
James and Judith Heltzel
Joe and Peggy Herb
Kelly and Dan Herb, in honor of Ken and Sheila Harrison
Joseph Hesting
Priscilla and Thomas Hibbard
Judith and Lawrence Hood
Claudia Howells
Kim Hoyt and John Pollino
Mary Ann and Darrell Jabin
Lucinda and Ron Jackson, in memory of Charles Delph
Bruce and Cathy Jarman
Megan Jones

Rob and Sue Keith
Merle Kelley
Mary Ann Kemmer
Nicole and Gabe Kennedy
Mary Jo and John Keortge
Joellen and Roger Kerr
Abigail King
Marlene and Ronald Krebs
Patricia Ladd, in honor of Scott Geibel
Bob Ledford
Kim and Phil Lemman
W. T. and Genna Lemman
Robin and Richard Lieurance
Mike and Susan Long
Cari and Michael Madsen
William and Mary Mainwaring
Laura Marin
Eugenia E McElroy
T. R. Melton
John and Sue Miller
Charles and Sharon Miller
Robert and Patricia Monson
Bill Mortimer
Ellen and Ernest Neal
Brent and Natsumi Neilsen
Jacqueline Olmstead
Barbara J Phillips
Corinne and Parke Raffensperger
Diana Ramallo
Wallace E and Kathrine M Reed
Susan and Ronald Rende
Ruth and Donald Roberts
Madelaine Robinson
Julie and Mike Rohwer
Parviz and Maudie Samiee
Alex Sakon and Katrina Sakon
Art and Marge Schmidt
Rose A and Walter Schutt, Jr.
Barbara P and Donald C Seymour
Phyllis Shoemake
Mary and John Socolofsky
Miriam Steketee
Ellen Stevens
George and Elsa Struble
Karen and Jim Such
Avis Telders
Joseph L and Mary E Thimm
Nancy M Thomas
Jennifer and Walter Todd
Roger and Fanny Vasend
Deborah and William Voves
Buena and Frank Washburn
Gary F Williams
Tom and Kathy Wilson
Karen Winkel

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